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ScriptTrendEntry SinceEntry LevelSLActive P/LCMPLast UpdateIntra Trend
NIFTY Buy 4 Tdays11711.35-11601.8511543.84153.90 [1.30%]11865.2524 May - 3:30 PM UP
BANKNIFTY Buy 4 Tdays30421.00-30120.0029969.40794.00 [2.54%]31215.0024 May - 3:30 PM UP
CRUDE Sell 2 Tdays4372.00-4383.004404.91288.00 [7.05%]4084.0024 May - 4:05 PM Down
COPPER Sell 19 Tdays445.20-446.40448.6329.00 [6.97%]416.2024 May - 4:05 PM Down
NICKELMINI Sell 5 Tdays853.00-855.90860.183.20 [0.38%]849.8024 May - 4:04 PM Down
NATURAL GAS Sell 2 Tdays182.70-183.20184.123.30 [1.84%]179.4024 May - 4:01 PM Down
1) More than 85% success rate if intra trend and trend are same direction, avoid trading when both indicates opposite direction!!
2) Entry Since : 0 Tdays = Fresh signal, it may some time tend to repaint (changes back to old trend), better trade with strict sl on 0 Tdays
3) For intraday trading - if both trend is up, buy in dips on all supports, if both trend is down, sell on rise on all resistance and wait till eod
Data automatically updates every 10-15 mins
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Proper Calls with Stop Loss and target only allowed in Call Box, can post images link if its related to that call, Views and Levels can be shared in chat Window not in Call Box, Call box only for proper calls with sl and targets For any Queries contact : [email protected], Do Not Share email, mobile, contact Lifetime Ban!!

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